CRISPR plasmids- new coming soon

Gene Oracle is introducing its gRNA Scout™ to make targeted genome knockouts. Inquire about our pGOV-CRISPR plasmids for quick and easy synthesis and cloning of gRNA Scout™ targets.

"FastaDNA Gene Synthesis Services - Transcend the Constraints of Conventional Cloning"

Gene Synthesis

Gene Oracle will make your next DNA construct, to get you started on your next project or accelerate an existing project. Eliminate codon usage, secondary structure and DNA stability as potential problems from the start of a research project. All that is required is a text file of your sequence or the accession number from Genbank. A quote for synthesis is provide upon submission of your sequence, analysis of the sequence will be done by one of our design experts, and once the order is placed regular updates are provided to keep you informed as to its progress through the process.

Benefits of FastaDNA Fragments


Easy to use

High Fidelity


FastDNA Fragments

Gene Oracle’s FastaDNA Fragments are double-stranded, synthetic DNA ranging from 100bp – 3,000bp in length.  FastaDNA fragments are assembled short double strand segments of DNA generated from our fast, reliable, and high fidelity gene synthesis manufacturing process, the segments are delivered in solution ready for cloning.


Cloning and Sub-cloning

Gene Oracle also offers sub-cloning services into any cloning or expression vector of your choosing. Provide us with the name of the vendor and catalogue number and we will purchase the vector on your behalf for sub-cloning.


Cloning and Sub-cloning

Standard Vectors

Standard vectors are interchangeable and no extra fee will be charged. All standard genes are cloned into our standard cloning vector non-directionally. pGOV sequencing Forward & Reverse primers are used for sequence validation of all genes, and are the reference points for Forward & Reverse orientation of inserts.

Custom Vectors and Standard Vectors

Custom Vectors

Gene Oracle offers subcloning services, have your gene cloned or subcloned into any cloning or expression vector of your choosing. Provide us with the name of the vector and the DNA sequence for subcloning.  We clone into proprietary vectors or commercially available vectors.

Mutants & Mutagenesis

Mutants & Mutagenesis

Explore sequence space or generate genetic diversity by creating mutants. Gene Oracle can generate simple point mutations in coding and non-coding sequences, or combine mutations using a combinatorial approach. Mutants can be generated as part of an existing gene synthesis order or mutants alone, if not part of an existing order the template can be sent to Gene Oracle, and we will use as the wild type backbone. For templates that are sent, please provide the DNA sequence to the insert and the plasmid, in either text or genbank format. In addition to mutants Gene Oracle can generate fusions and fusion libraries.  Inquire about generating fusions of your peptides.