Gene Oracle's combination of our GeneIOS technology with high quality reagents and oligonucleotides, enables us to manufacture the genes and DNA sequences that you need for your research, quickly and reliably. Don't be limited by restriction sites and polylinkers, make the sequence that you require.

Custom Vectors

Custom Vectors

Gene Oracle also offers subcloning services into any cloning or expression vector of your choosing. Provide us with the name of the vendor and catalogue number and we will purchase the vector on your behalf for subcloning. Please contact our technical support team for more information on our custom subcloning services. When sending a vector for subcloning, please provide at least 1 µg of vector DNA, lyophilized or in solution. Please provide the concentration in ng/µl, along with any important information about your vector.

Cloning Applications:

cDNA cloning - You can provide cDNA to be subcloned, we clone by traditional methods as well and next-gen cloning, Gibson or infusion type cloning.  All constructs are double strand sequence verified.


Allow us to help speed up your research by providing standard subcloning services. We use a combination of traditional methods and next-gen cloning approaches. Each construct will be double strand DNA sequence verified.

Custom Vector Construction:

Allow our cloning experts to evaluate and develop a cloning strategy or help design a vector for multi-step manipulation or for cloning and expression projects with current and subsequent cloning requirements.