Gene Oracle's combination of our GeneIOS technology with high quality reagents and oligonucleotides, enables us to manufacture the genes and DNA sequences that you need for your research, quickly and reliably. Don't be limited by restriction sites and polylinkers, make the sequence that you require.

FastDNA Fragments

FastDNA Fragments

FastaDNA Fragments are ready to clone double strand sequence-verified Gene Fragments up to 1,000bp deliverable within 5-7 business days. Gene Oracle FastaDNA Fragments can be made up to 4kb in length. Our FastaDNA fragments are a fast alternative to standard synthesis. Our high fidelity process, reduces the effort spent cloning and screening, the average fidelity for sequences up to 1kb is greater than 50%, with 100% accuracy. Save money with FastaDNA Gene Fragments, the fragments are considerably cheaper than full service gene synthesis. Smaller fragments can be assembled and used for Gibson cloning, mutagenesis using sections of DNA, Library construction. Since these are made de novo, toxicity to E. coli does not play a factor in DNA stability.

Codon optimization for coding sequences

Fragments can be made As Is or optimized using Gene Oracle’s gene synthesis software, GENEIOS.  Sequences can be modified or optimized to reduce sequence complexity that may slow delivery times.  Reading frames can be optimized for a wide range of organisms to improve expression and stability.


All Gene Fragments are assembled from high-quality oligonucleotides synthesized at our in-house DNA synthesis facility. Assembled fragments are then screened for correct size via electrophoresis. All FastaDNA fragments are accompanied by quality assurance certificate.

All synthetic genes and FASTADNA fragments are manufactured in Mountain View, California, U.S.A.