Gene Oracle's combination of our GeneIOS technology with high quality reagents and oligonucleotides, enables us to manufacture the genes and DNA sequences that you need for your research, quickly and reliably. Don't be limited by restriction sites and polylinkers, make the sequence that you require.

Gene Synthesis

Gene Synthesis

Gene Oracle will make the DNA construct to get you started on your next project or accelerate an existing project. Eliminate codon usage, secondary structure and DNA stability as potential problems from the start of a research project. All that is required is a text file of your sequence or the accession number from Genbank. A quote for synthesis is provide upon submission and analysis of your sequence, once the order is placed regular updates are provided to keep you informed as to its progress through the process.


Free Design & optimization for every gene ordered
Mimic host codon usage
Optimize for host expression
Optimize to improve DNA stability
Download a trial version of Gene Oracle’s analysis and optimization software /

Standard Delivery Specs:

Gene Oracle will deliver to you a customized synthetic gene or DNA sequence:
Cloned into pGOV4 plasmid devoid of common restriction sites
Double stranded sequence verification
Identical to the sequence requested


Delivery time of your sequence will depend on the sequence complexity and length

Average Turnaround:

Sequences up to 2kb - 10 business days
Sequences 2kb to 5kb - 15 business days
Sequences larger than 5kb - inquire

You will receive:

A certificate of analysis pertaining to your order
4ug of Lyophilized plasmid DNA containing your gene
A stab of E.coli harboring the plasmid and gene
Sequence chromatograms verifying the sequence of your gene
A text file map with the plasmid and gene sequence


Inquire about Pricing:
No setup fees for standard synthesis
Gene is cloned into pGOV4, pUC based vector without a MCS
Volume discounts available

All synthetic genes and FASTADNA fragments are manufactured in Mountain View, California, U.S.A.