Gene Oracle's combination of our GeneIOS technology with high quality reagents and oligonucleotides, enables us to manufacture the genes and DNA sequences that you need for your research, quickly and reliably. Don't be limited by restriction sites and polylinkers, make the sequence that you require.

Standard Vectors

Standard Vectors

Gene Oracle offers free cloning for genes we synthesize into a standard cloning vector. Our vectors do not contain a multiple cloning site (MCS) in order to minimize restriction sites, leaving most sites unique that have been included on your synthetic gene. This makes subcloning straight forward.  For most applications our standard pGOV4 vector is most appropriate, instances where the synthesis product is similar in size to pGOV4, we recommend using pGOV5 or pGOV6. Standard vectors are interchangeable and no extra fee will be charged. All standard genes are subcloned into our standard cloning vector nondirectionally. pGOV sequencing Forward & Reverse primers are used for sequence validation of all standard genes.

Vector Size (kb) Antibiotic resistance Sequence Map
pGOV4 3.3 Kan/Amp Download Download
pGOV5 2.5 Amp Download Download
pGOV6 2.5 Kan Download Download

For a listing of the standard cloning vectors we offer please contact our technical support team at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)